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Tutorial: How to create image with Artificial Intelligence (Part 1)


In this tutorial you will learn basic and simple ways of how to use our AI (platform) more efficiently and obtain magnificent results based on a good implementation of the text, because although Artificy is designed as a tool to create countless things, we can always optimize its use. and make the most of it for a more satisfying result.

Starting from the simple description that we will generate one or several images by means of words or sentences, we will understand that this process is very important and that the better it is executed, the better results we will obtain.

Below you will find step-by-step examples with a short explanation so you can observe their evolution:


You can add words to the text little by little to experience the changes through each generation or to have a concrete idea of what you want to achieve. You need use english for get better result.

Try starting your practice using:

People / characters / animals / objects / places.


And then add:

Characteristics / qualities / mood / actions / gestures / styles / genres / movements.

angry cat

a cute cat sleeping in a bed

painting of a cute cat in a carriage in baroque style