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Guide about interface


(1:1 square) Different sizes available to generate images. This influences the dimension, proportion, resolution and weight, since they are characteristics that determine its appearance on different devices.

(Variants of Image) It allows you to take a photo or select an image from your device to modify it to your liking.

(Artificy Style) It displays a variety of different styles for your images, you can select the one you want from more than ten available options.

Image page


By pressing this option you will see in seconds after you refresh page three buttons on your image:

Original: As its name indicates, it shows you the original image you obtained.

Upscale: Optimizes the image by increasing its dimension and resolution, preserving its quality without losing details.

Upscale+face: Offers the face correction of imperfections depending on the degree of distortion of the original image.

You can LIKE your creations or those of other users, with this you will have the images that you like the most available in MY PROFILE - MY LIKES.

Copy link


Download the images in jpg / png (Pro) / webp (Pro) formats

Generate a variation of the original image

Generate four variations of the original image

Option that allows you to make your content public or private. (Pro)

(1-4) Number of images that you are going to generate at the same time. (Pro)