1 year ago by juli
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done Salmon dinner illumination Ray tracing reflections prompt 3d cartoon illustration mutated Hands Fingers mutation steps 20 Face size 512x512 hires upscale latent
photo of well done salmon dinner, 8k, global illumination, ray tracing reflections negative prompt: 3d, cartoon, 3dcg, doll, illustration, lowres, bad anatomy, wrong anatomy, mutated hands and fingers, mutation, mutated, amputation, , nsfw steps: 20, sampler: dpm++ 2m, cfg scale: 9, seed: 100954541, face restoration: codeformer, size: 512x512, model hash: e6415c4892, model: realisticvisionv20_v20, denoising strength: 0.5, hires upscale: 2, hires steps: 20, hires upscaler: latent
Style: Photo