1 year ago by Cristi
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fantasy about skyrim setting using Puppets Ray Sinbad masterpiece charismatic vivid raw uhd 50mm
a epic, dark fantasy film about Skyrim setting and characters portrayed by real actors, monsters and dragons using stop motion animation puppets by Ray Harryhausen in the style of The 7th Voyage of Sinbad 1958, masterpiece, charismatic, beautiful, harmonious, extremely detailed, sharp focus, super vivid, RAW, 8K, UHD, 50mm f/1.8, 45 Mbps, Uncompressed -- black and white, grayscale, cartoon, cartoonish, painting, drawing, 3d rendering, digital painting, concept art, abstract, miniatures, diorama, video game graphics, cg, digital drawing, draft, sketch, symbolism, dolls, thumbnails, goofy, ugly, boring, bad anatomy, bad proportions, hybrids, amalgamation, morphing, mixing, noisy, grainy, blurred, blurry, low res, fuzzy, fuzziness, Compression artifacts, lens artifacts, signature, cut off, draft, comics, text, cropped, frame, logos, tiling, subtitles
Style: Movie