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Young magical girl wearing ornate made Monster Girl subsurface scattering translucent Skin Rainbow palette defined facial features opalescent surface soft Lighting H. R. Giger Ruan Jia Stanley Artgerm Lau Wlop William-Adolphe Bouguereau William Adolphe photorealism fantasy illustration Sailor Moon Sailor Moon masterpiece trending artstation featured pixiv composition dramatic hdr
a full body shot of a cute young magical girl wearing an ornate dress made of opals and tentacles. monster girl. subsurface scattering. dynamic pose. translucent skin. rainbow palette. defined facial features, symmetrical facial features. opalescent surface. soft lighting. beautiful lighting. by giger and ruan jia and artgerm and wlop and william-adolphe bouguereau. photo real. hyper-real. photorealism. fantasy illustration. sailor moon hair. masterpiece. trending on artstation, featured on pixiv, award winning, cinematic composition, dramatic pose, sharp, details, hyper-detailed, hd, hdr, 4k, 8k.
Style: Artificy