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rococo cyberpunk Neon seductive Sin heroic ethereal dripping glowing Orange lasers Pink Silver Prince Crown Black Gears diamonds swirling colored Silk fabric futuristic Elements length skulls artwork Caravaggio trending cgsociety artstation Octane Lighting realism depth 3d
full-body rococo and cyberpunk style neon statue of a seductive attractive spanish android sin ropa in a macho heroic pose, bem dotado, piroca, pecho peludo, ethereal white dripping tar, glowing orange lasers, pink tigers, glowing eyes, silver prince crown, black gears, pink diamonds, swirling mint-colored silk fabric. futuristic elements. full-length view. human skulls. large intricate artwork by caravaggio. trending on cgsociety, trending on artstation, octane render, cinematic lighting from the right, hyper realism, octane render, 8k, depth of field, 3d
Style: Artificy