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professional 1950s Housewife wearing vintage circle standing pinup physique Hands Face facial features Skin freckles Beauty Marks portrait psychedelic Trip Smoke Lighting depth photographed Eos Mark 50mm Lens intricately hyperdetailed raw hdr resolution
professional full body photo, full shot, of (beautiful 1950s housewife), (wearing vintage circle dress, stockings), (aroused:1.5), standing, (in kitchen of 1950s american house), pinup, natural , fit physique, perfect hands, beautiful face, pretty eyes, (detailed facial features), (detailed skin, supple skin pores), [freckles], [goosebumps], [beauty marks], (portrait), (psychedelic trip), saggy , [smoke], [haze], natural lighting, shallow depth of field, photographed on a canon eos-1d x mark iii, 50mm lens, f/2.8, (intricately detailed, hyperdetailed), ((raw color)), sharp focus, hdr, 4k resolution, cinematic film still from mad men
Style: Artificy